Course 6: AutoCad

This guide is a reference guide containing information on using AutoCAD’s DWG file format and specifically its use in MicroStation. It is designed for the AutoCAD user who is new to MicroStation. It begins with the terminology differences and similarities of DGN/DWG Files, then transitions into working with DWG data and the strategies of working with DWG/DXF data in MicroStation. It discusses Object Enablers, as well as detailed differences in DWG/DGN based workflows of User Interface components, basic concepts, drawing and modeling, rendering, and generating drawings. It concludes with DWG Workmode, DWG Import and Export and DWG/DXF configuration variables and their use to customize importing or exporting of DWG/DXF data.


  • Basic DGN-DWG terminology
  • Working with DWG data, and the DGN and DWG File formats
  • Strategies for working with DWG data, including designing in DGN Files, then delivering DWG files, working in a mixed DGN/DWG environment, working exclusively with DWG files, problems with round-tripping data and planning your project
  • RealDWG and Object Enablers
  • User Interface and Basic concepts: Autodesk Architectural Desktop and Bentley AutoPLANT Objects, Classes, Color and Color Palette, Command Line and Key-in Window, Command Sequence, Drafting Settings, DWG File Properties, DWG 2007 Surfaces, Layers and Levels, and much more
  • Drawing and Modeling: ACIS and Parasolid 3D Modeling Kernel, Blocks and Shared Cells, Coordinate Entry and AccuDraw, and much more
  • Generating Drawings: Annotative Objects, Attributes and Tags, Dimensioning, Enter Data Fields, Fields, Fonts and Text Styles, and more
  • Rendering
  • Working in DWG Workmode
  • DWG Importing into MicroStation, DWG Exporting from MicroStation
  • DWG Workmode capability variables, the workmode.cfg syntax, operators, prefixes, and the capability variables
  • DWG/DXF-related configuration variables, DWG/DXF Open-specific configuration variables, DWG/DXF Save-specific configuration variables